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Owning a small business and not leveraging off social media is like having a driver’s license and but still not driving your car! 


In the fast-changing digital landscape, each brand has a story to tell, and what better way to visually explain your dream than through a social platform. 


The Social Berry is your extended support system. We lend a social media helping hand to small businesses to help build their social media presence and then generate revenue through social media platforms. 

We offer all the benefits of a social media team without any dramas and that too at a minimum cost.  

We understand how small businesses are run. There is always too much to do with too little time and budget constraints and time limitations are just a few issues to be dealt with, which is why The Social Berry offers comprehensive, affordable and effective solutions which can be put into action immediately to kick-start your success!

When we’ve been through it your Social Media Handles will look creative, authentic and relevant!

As a team we love thinking out of the box, creating content which is inspiring yet grounded and diving into unexplored regions to find areas of interest. 

Our Process



Everything works well if people believe in each other. We start by understanding your business, your goals and aspirations and how you describe growth. We work with you to get to know you and your team, your target audience and your long term business plans.



Research is the backbone of marketing, our team then works tirelessly to find out areas of growth for your business, build up perfect customer personas and understand your competition.



We then align our findings from the research with your business objectives and create a social media strategy which is unique to your business. The Strategy incorporates all the elements of your social media, we focus on platform that best suit your business need and then we start by setting things up.



Once we are set up; we then start posting content that is meaningful and is engaging with your community. We work hard on building organic engagement to create long term growth. We focus on hashtags, and connect with influencers to generate traffic and build your brand identity. We are firm believers in posting relevant and useful content.



Lastly, the most important step in our journey is showing our results. We share with you ROI and discuss areas that have worked well and also guide you on how to amplify them or your future growth. WE share reach, engagement and growth of your platforms; talk about top performing posts and what most engaged pieces.

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