Branding Solutions

Social berry can help you with a myriad of branding work starting from the basics to the most complex. We create distinctive visual concepts best suited for your product, to communicate ideas that inspire and captivate consumers. We are experts at developing the overall layout, colours and production design for many applications such as catalogues, flyers, brochures, website banners, stationery designs, logos, to name a few.

Our Process

Social berry pays close attention to understanding your business model first and then moves ahead with designing the craft.

If you are a service starting from scratch, the next step is to find out the possible competitors so your product can be better and bigger. We then sketch all the possible logos based on the ideas you provide us with the art direction.

From colour scheme to font style, the design is presented digitally on relevant apps. We also work with established small to medium businesses only looking for a quick to moderate revamp to enhance their current style, preferences and overall look to emphasise their products and services online.


The brand logo really is the face of your business. Our team is the most talented in designing company emblems, by taking every design project with complete confidence, dedication and a complete thought process.


Our goal is to design all kinds of writing equipment, cases, business cards and letterheads for your brand to put the name on the marketing map. Every business owner should understand that personalised communication only boosts professional engagement!


Flyer design is our chance to play with unconventional layouts and colours! Whether it is for an important fundraiser, a corporate event or simple business promotion, our high quality fit-for-design flyers get the word out on all the channels the right way.


To present the products to your clients the right way, you need a detailed catalogue. We describe your overall line of product or services that you offer only through standard designs. The consumer is bound to take a second look!


A standee highlights your brand in a conference or help you reflect your sponsorship. Its a must have for businesses who stress hard on building brand awareness.


We make sure to design a sales brochure that gets maximum attention. Once the prospect feels the need to read further, they would move towards call to action, buy or atleast visit the website.


Infographics are a graphic visual representation of data, information, facts and other useful information presented in an informative way which is quick and easy to understand. In today’s visual world, infographic is a great way to grab audience attention and get your message across in a clear simple way.


Animated videos are a great way to explain ideas and thoughts which might be hard to grasp. Animations can be simple yet deliver the expected message effectively and quickly. Animated videos are also a great tool to educate your audience, share or spread a message which might be hard to understand in the first go or just a quirky fun way to deliver your brand message across.


Websites are your first impressions. It not only reflects your business, but also highlights your brands character, your passion and brands personality. We create impressive, responsive and eye catching websites. With stunning graphics, content designed and written to serve purpose and target the correct audience. We believe that websites are the first step in building your brand and make sure sure your passion and determination is reflected in the work that you do.

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