Don’t reinvent the wheel! Use these 4 ways to repurpose your existing content for social media!

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. It places you as an expert in the area and develops trust and authority in your industry. Putting relevant and quality content on social media not only helps in creating customer engagement but also helps in turning followers into fans.Creating a good piece of content which is full of stories and information requires an extensive amount of time and putting it just once in front of your audience isn’t the right justification of it. If the content is evergreen like a ‘how-to’ blog or step-by-step solution, you can always repurpose that content again, presenting it to your audience in various different formats on social media.

A recent research from Databox reveals that nearly 90% of marketers find repurposing existing content to be more effective than creating new content from scratch.

There are quite a few ways to bring your old content to life again. Below are four ways which can be useful in the light of social media usage.


A blog post can be summarised in a visual form making a great post to be shared on Pinterest. Making it visual makes it appealing and eye-catching to the audience and it also gets lots of engagement. Nadya Khoja – a guest blogger at Mention has this great write-up on how to turn your blog into an infographic.


Turn your blog into short snippets and use them as quotes or with relevant hashtags on social platforms. They can be shared as a quote, photo or a tweet. Simple graphic tools like Canva can assist you in turning those words into branded posts and it can be shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter Threads

A blog post can be turned into a series of tweets making it easy to repurpose the content and amplifying on reaching your audience. A new feature by WordPress has actually made it possible to where the whole blog including videos and pictures are turned into twitter threads.


The blog can be converted into a presentation and by adding voice over or dialogues to it, it can be converted into a video to be shared on YouTube or on Instagram.

According to The Marketing Helpline, social media posts with video have 48% more views. This is a great guide by Social Media Examiner that explains how to convert blog posts into videos.

To sum up, a quick google search will bring up lots of more ways in which you can reuse your old content. The above four are quite effective ways and can give you lots more content ideas to fill your social media content calendar.

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