A small all-or-nothing, woman-run team that loves to mingle with the creative side of life and business. Thinking out of the box, creating content which is inspiring yet grounded and diving into unexplored regions to find areas of interest is our forte!

With too many budget constraints and time barriers, some things are either left unsaid or undone. The Social Berry offers all the contemporary “big business” benefits without the superfluous melodrama and with marketing perfection at a minimum cost and maximum success rate.

Our solutions are comprehensive, affordable and effective, putting that good ol’ boost to kickstarting your dream venture today!

Mission/Good Karma

The high-powered duo of The Social Berry strives to deliver top performing campaigns using the imminent power of social media marketing. One of our main goals is to form long-lasting business partnerships with our clients and add to the 10-years of experience in B2B project advertising and e-commerce management.

Our Story

Some ideas hit you like a lightning strike. We’ve seen what can happen when companies spend time and money in the hopes of getting a decent website or social media marketing campaign, but end up trapped by unprofessional design, lack of support, hidden costs, and sites that don’t show up on search engines.

Some agencies have a blueprint targeted to designing endless ways in which to spend your money, without having the expertise to fully understand your needs. As a small business ourselves, working to aid mostly smaller ventures, we realized that we were in a position to extend a helping hand to everybody – from startups to the big guns – with a much better deal.

Together, Alifyah and myself (Hina), bring with us 10 years of combined industry experience to our agency The Social Berry (TSB). While Alifyah is passionate about design, having a precisioned eye for aesthetics, and strong command on all design software, I come from a strong background of marketing strategy, thinking out of the box ideas to expand and promote SMEs within budget. She understands marketing from the bottom up and helps in finding brand their identity, a clear direction to move forward and grow.

At TSB, we firmly believe in providing “boutique” and tailor-made marketing solutions to our clients. The magic lies within empowerment and liberating our business clientele to be able to conquer the realm of social media advertising for themselves is one of the bigger goals we aim to achieve sooner than ever.

How we see the world

Budding relationships are always a work-in-progress. Any worthwhile relationship requires work from both parties to be successful, as long as the heart and soul is involved in that investment.

Think of The Social Berry as an extension of your creative blueprint and partnership – as we jump on the bandwagon together to achieve your goals. Being the creative and art duo at our roots, we are passionate about building our client’s company on a solid strategy and impeccable design.

We are fully committed to step out of our comfort zone and take the risks needed to provide a service we are proud of.

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