How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm: Get More Views and Engagement in 2023

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm: Get More Views and Engagement in 2023

Finding out the best ways for maximising your content exposure on instagram’s 2023 algorithm is a huge challenge. To help break down this undertaking and make your business’ work easier, here is a comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about the 2023 instagram algorithm. 

So what's New with the 2023 Instagram Algorithm?

Algorithms for any social media platform are constantly changing and evolving. Keeping on top of them and aware of these changes is how you get the best organic growth online for your business. 

Here are some of the ways in which the 2023 update to the Instagram algorithm will affect your business. 


  • Photos Will Be On The Same Footing As Videos – The TikTok takeover made short form videos popular and the Instagram algorithm followed suit. But, now photos are coming back in vogue so stories and photo posts will get just as much attention as Instagram reels.
  • New content is where it’s at– accounts that users are not familiar with will show up more on their Instagram explore pages. So, now is the time to have a marketing strategy geared towards organic growth.
  • It’s About Conversations– while views are great, Instagram wants to promote content that makes people talk. So content that acquires shares, comments and saves will be pushed by the 2023 algorithm. 
  • Re-sharing is in the past– The 2023 Instagram algorithm is designed to give users an experience that feels fresh and new. So ditch any ideas about reposting or sharing content to grow your business online. 

How do I get picked up by the Instagram algorithm?

Gone are the good times when instagram displayed content in order of when it was posted. Now, each type of content on instagram (reels, stories, posts, explore page) has its very own algorithm. You need to stay on top of all of them to have a successful account on the platform. 

The best way to ensure that your account is seen and remains relevant is to strengthen all of your content. Here is how you can do that. 

1. Be Original 

The new 2023 Instagram algorithm prioritises original content instead of re-shared or reposted content. This is great for creative social media marketing as out of the box thinking is what boosts Instagram social media engagement. Having your own sounds, own videos and unique images is a great way to get your account picked up by the Instagram algorithm. 

Keeping this in mind, we all know how important trends on Instagram are. You should certainly not forget to hop on the most popular trends, but having your own creative take on them will always be the way to go. 

2. Take Community Guidelines Seriously 

This one is pretty straightforward. Just follow the rules that Instagram has provided for all Instagram users for both user generated content and brand content marketing.

Steer away from hate speech, political messaging, insensitive content and even low quality content. You may get outright banned off Instagram or become shadow banned if you fail to meet Instagram’s community guidelines. 

3. Timing is Everything 

All great social media marketing agencies like The Social Berry will tell you that posting at a scheduled and consistent time is a game changer for beating the Instagram algorithm. It is a great way to achieve organic growth through simple means.

This kind of consistency can be difficult to maintain, so having a Social media marketing agency to help you out would be a great way to efficiently manage your Instagram marketing strategy. 

4. Engage, Engage, Engage 

The Instagram algorithm picks up the content it thinks is most relevant. One of the most important indicators of how relevant content is is the amount of engagement it receives. This can be from your target Instagram audience or just general engagement. 

So make sure to get those numbers up in every way you can. Have great Instagram captions that encourage a response in comments. Keep your Instagram feed aesthetic so you get compliments. Make your stories optimised to drive engagement by using polls, questions, etc. What you need to aim for is not just views but to bag those likes, comments, shares and saves.

Boosting social media engagement is not simple. You also need to make sure to respond to as many users on your account as you can to keep customers satisfied and to rope in new customers. A great social media marketing agency like The Social Berry can aid you with this and make sure you have the most organic growth and organic reach as possible. 

5. Use Trending Sounds 

Reels are the new way to reach new customers on Instagram. Users typically see Instagram reels on IGTV from accounts they do not yet follow. Any business that is not jumping on this opportunity for organic reach is really missing out.

Reels all need to have sounds to really capture the attention of their audience. Instagram’s 2023 algorithm identifies trending sounds and shows users a lot of content with that sound. So jump in and use all the newest and trendiest sounds in the background of your high quality IGTV videos and shorter reels.

Keep in mind that the sound should be relevant for the content you are posting. Otherwise it will just seem like a tacky, half-hearted attempt to be on trend. 

6. Put Hashtags Everywhere 

Hashtags are a way to let the algorithm know what your content is all about so that it can pick up what your target audience will be. Hashtags are absolutely necessary if your business wants to make use of Social media audience targeting. 

7. Obsess over Analytics 

Make google suite, Instagram Insights, and Google Data Studio the best friends of your Instagram marketing strategy. Social media marketing agency The Social Berry can help you navigate this complex analytics tracking to optimise your Instagram content and reel in all the benefits of a great Instagram marketing strategy. 

If your aim is organic growth, then analytics are the best tool to help you achieve your Key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Understanding your analytics is a whole other ballgame from tracking so get The Social Berry on board to make your business’ marketing a whole lot easier.

Is Your Instagram Ready for 2023?

With these tips and insights as well as a marketing agency like The Social Berry’s support, you have a great standing at making your business’ Instagram the best it can ever be. So go and chase those engagements and organic growth and see your business flourish online. 

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