Our Mission



We believe in the power of giving back! As a small business owner, we understand the struggles and road blocks that you go through, and how important that lending hand is when you are trying to climb the ladder of success. 

This is why we have made it our mission to empower other small businesses.

To provide them with a social support system which can help them grow their business and work on their goals in a more focused and strategic manner.  


Hence, we are more driven to achieve results in the smallest budgets, work well under time constraints, and perform above and beyond your expectations to deliver the best results.

Let us help you take that leap of faith and get more closer to seeing your dream business come true!

Our Story


Hello and a warm welcome from Hina and Alifyah at The Social Berry. We are two Mums who in between life, kids and family discovered our skills and found out our passion and combined them together to form The Social Berry!

Together we bring with us 10 years of combined industry experience. Working for various companies from media houses to digital agencies to small corporate firms, we understand the needs and requirements of each industry and how to cater to them while keeping their identity intact.

We both have our areas of expertise. Alifyah is passionate about design. She has a strong eye for aesthetics, and has a strong command on all design software even Canva! Hina, comes from a strong background of marketing strategy, thinking out of the box ideas to expand and promote SME’s within budget. She understands marketing from the bottom up and helps in finding brand their identity, a clear direction to move forward and grow.

We understand the struggles that small businesses face, we know the limitations and the conditions attached, we empathize with their problems which is why we are more than anything driven to achieve results in the smallest budgets, work well under time constraints and perform above and beyond clients expectations.

We’ve had our fair share of struggles but we’ve persevered through and come out stronger and more optimistic than before. With hard work, determination and a helping hand from our peers we’ve been able to fulfil our dream and work on our passion.

At The Social Berry we firmly believe in helping small business owners (specifically women) who have struggled hard to reach their goals. We as a company aim to help SMEs grow their business clientele, strengthen their brand name and increase brand awareness and be able to find a firm footing on social media platforms. We want to empower them to be able to achieve their goals and give them more time to work on other important aspects of their business.

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