Our Services

At the Social Berry, we understand Social Media Marketing, and want to use that to leverage leads, save time and grow your business. We spend good time researching, learning new tools and platforms, updating ourselves with new tips and tricks so you don't have to.

Small businesses need customised attention to detail and a personalised service at every level ranging from creating a logo to developing a website and building brand awareness online. Our extended range of services cater to a variety of requirements - all under one roof.


Strategy is what makes you YOU. It forms the heart of your business and determines the direction in which your business will go in the future. We focus strongly on developing a strategy that aligns with your business goals and brings out your unique qualities.


With time social media has become a solid platform for promotions and sales! Using it wisely, we’ve seen a boost in sales and in growth through using the right strategies.


Finding your footing on social Platforms can be daunting and time consuming. We do the hard work and let you have all the fun! Our team handles your social media platforms like you yourself would and grow it strategically to deliver your desired results.


Paid promotions have made a huge impact on sales if used correctly. They have a high percentage of proven sales and also are very beneficial in boosting brand awareness.


Aesthetics play a huge role in social media presence. Social Media is all about visual storytelling and without amazing creatives and designs your story cannot be visually appealing. We create templates, Promos, Ads, Banners. We also create customised creatives as per need.


Blogs have now become an important part of digital marketing. It is an important part of informing your customers about your business and services, educating them and keeping them up to date on how to keep their business up to date. We provided professional blog writing services as per need.


Infographics are a graphic visual representation of data, information, facts and other useful information presented in an informative way which is quick and easy to understand. In today’s visual world, infographic is a great way to grab audience attention and get your message across in a clear simple way.


At The Social Berry we understand the limitations of a Small Business and work around them to deliver the best fit for your business. We have a simple yet effective process in place, we start by creating a design brief, then work on a design draft by researching and brainstorming ideas. Then we present them to you, giving you enough time for feedback and changes and once it's been finalized we print and deliver your final design. We design brochures, pamphlets, flyers, website, invitation and any work that you require to help your business deliver its message to the audience.


They say Content is KING but creating relevant content that amplifies your business objectives and results in adding value to your current goal is the key. We believe in developing content which is engaging, informative,inspirational and educative.


Social media is all about the images, using the correct photos for the correct moments is so important when trying to send your message across. Our resident photographer is an expert in all things imaging from portraits to stills to flatlay.


Pictures speak louder than words, in today's digital landscape, videos are the go to mode for getting your audience attention. Videos don’t form a part of the marketing plan, they are the marketing plan. In the world of social media, videos are now the reigning element. We can design, direct and script videos that fall in line with your marketing plan and speak to your audience.


Animated videos are a great way to explain ideas and thoughts which might be hard to grasp. Animations can be simple yet deliver the expected message effectively and quickly. Animated videos are also a great tool to educate your audience, share or spread a message which might be hard to understand in the first go or just a quirky fun way to deliver your brand message across.


Websites are your first impressions. It not only reflects your business, but also highlights your brands character, your passion and brands personality. We create impressive, responsive and eye catching websites. With stunning graphics, content designed and written to serve purpose and target the correct audience. We believe that websites are the first step in building your brand and make sure sure your passion and determination is reflected in the work that you do.

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